We are officially in the thick of tick season, and if this year follows the normal trend, lyme disease will claim even more casualties this year than it did last year. No matter where you live, it is always a good idea to thoroughly check your skin for ticks upon returning home from an extended period of time outdoors. This is especially true for residents living in the northeastern states where ticks are far more abundant than any other region in America. If you happen to live in the northeast, then you know how easy it is for ticks to embed themselves within your body. When venturing outdoors in the northeast, especially in wooded areas, the chances of returning home with at least one tick on your skin is nearly one hundred percent. Nobody knows this better than a resident of Massachusetts named Derek Lirange. Lirange was walking a trail outdoors in order to scout for locations that would be ideal for a nature walk that he had been planning on leading. Lirange is a community forester who works for Tower Hill Botanical Garden, and he is certainly used to walking through the tick-populated forests of Massachusetts. Like many people, Lirange had heard the news about the predicted increase in tick populations this year, but he never expected to find himself attacked by multiple bloodsucking ticks all at one time. The nature walk that Lirange was planning on leading did not work out, as twenty six ticks suddenly attacked him while he was exploring the forest.


The ticks attacked Lirange in an area near the Wachusett Reservoir. Several people have reported an increase in ticks in this region, and the reservoir provides the perfect conditions for ticks to thrive. This is because ticks are attracted to cool damp locations. Lirange promptly removed all twenty six ticks from his body, and he will likely avoid contracting a tick-borne disease due to his knowledge concerning tick-borne disease prevention.


Have you ever spotted at least one tick in the wild? Have you ever felt a tick land on you while outdoors?


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