If you are looking to make a lot of money, then having a bed bug infestation could be a good start. However, the bed bug infestation must be your landlord’s fault in order to receive a payout in court. Creating this sort of situation can be tricky, or perhaps some people just get lucky enough to experience an unexpected bed bug infestation within their rented homes. Typically, you would never dream of labeling a person with a bed bug problem as “lucky”, but these days are seeing major court payouts to victims of bed bug-related issues. Bed bug-related lawsuits often result in a hotel or an apartment complex being court ordered to pay victims of bed bug infestations vast sums of money. The highest court payouts related to bed bug infestations normally hovers around five hundred thousand dollars. However, one family recently won over three times this amount in response to a bed bug-related lawsuit that they had filed. Not surprisingly, the more than one and a half million dollars being awarded to the bed bug victims has set a record for the highest bed bug related payout to a single family in history.


In southern California a civil court awarded a Los Angeles family $1.6 million dollars over a long-running bed bug infestation within their former Inglewood apartment complex. The complex is currently known as Kahala Islander Apartments. In 2010, the Martinez family lived within an apartment unit that had been infested with bed bugs. The family was forced to spend four full months cohabitating with the bed bugs. At the time, Lilliana and Jorge Martinez had just welcomed a newborn baby into their family. Sadly, the baby sustained multiple bed bug bites during the four month period. According to the Lilliana, her son can now receive the medical treatment necessary to remove his many bed bug induced scars. The couple complained to the apartment’s management several times, but the bed bug infestation still took an unreasonably long time to be eradicated. The family also had to throw away every item of furniture that they owned. This meant many sleepless nights on bed bug-infested carpet.


Do you believe that the high payout in this bed bug-related court case came a result of the baby’s bed bug induced injuries?



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