Although rare, there are some people who possess multiple talents that can be applied to many different fields. Have you ever met a person who had a strong aptitude in both the sciences and the humanities? Certainly there are many bright young students in the world who study hard and ace every exam no matter the subject. However, you will normally find that each person you know usually shows more aptitude in one subject than they do in another. For example, it is difficult to find a person who has a high aptitude for both science and the liberal arts. How many people do you know who work as scientists but write history books on the side? Probably not too many, but one researcher from Duke University possesses a talent for both science and art, and his is putting it to good use.


In the city of Austin, Texas an artist and scientist named Alejandro Berrio works as a post-doctoral entomologist who currently runs genetic tests on certain insects. In addition to working as a competent and well respected scientist, Berrio is a gifted artist as well. Currently, Berrio has his artwork on display at the Art Science Gallery in Austin, as well as many other locations.


Berrio works as an associate researcher in a prominent entomologist’s lab at Duke University. Berrio also constructs large wooden models of insects. Many of Berrio’s precisely-crafted insects are currently on display in museums all over the city of Austin where he earned his PhD.


Recently, Berrio completed what may become his greatest masterpiece. This masterpiece is a wood carving of a particular butterfly species. The wooden butterfly model is quite remarkable for its accuracy. The model possesses translucent and intricately veined wings, much like the actual organism.


Berrio’s process must be exhausting as he carves and sands several individual pieces of wood, each of which resembles a different part of an insect’s anatomy. Once each constituent insect piece, such as the wings, thorax and antenna, is nicely shaped with sandpaper, Berrio puts the body parts together in order to put the finishing touch on his insect replica. The body parts are held together by pieces of metal and glue. Amazingly, Berrio had time to construct numerous insects even while earning his PhD.


Would you be interested in scrutinizing Berrio’s exactness when building lifelike replicas of certain insect species?



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