Finding cockroaches in your food sometimes happens, unfortunately. Although rare, restaurants have been known to serve dishes to customers that contained cockroaches. You would think that restaurant staff could manage to keep roaches of dinner plates, but sometimes roach infestations in restaurants are even more extensive than customers would ever imagine. Seeing cockroaches in a restaurant kitchen should be a sign to call a pest control professional, but once cockroaches begin to infest a dining area where customers sit, the infestation has gotten out of hand. This is exactly what happened in a Wendy’s restaurant in Shamokin, Pennsylvania recently. Actually, the cockroach infestation in the Wendy’s location was even worse than any cockroach infestation that you have ever heard of. At one point the Wendy’s customers were stomping on cockroaches that were crawling in mass over the counter. In response to this excessive cockroach infestation the Wendy’s location closed and is now scheduled to undergo renovations.


After a cockroach infestation of this magnitude becomes public, changing the restaurant’s image is probably a wise idea. After the roach infestation in the Wendy’s location became very public, a spokesperson for Wendy’s released a statement saying that all Wendy’s locations aim to please customers, and only the strictest standards of cleanliness are maintained in the restaurant. The spokesperson also claimed that pest control professionals had been called before at the first sign of a roach presence.


Upon seeing the cockroaches, the customers understandably complained. One customer said that a roach had run across her food tray while another claimed that the roaches were being captured by the cupfulls. In response to the complaints the The state Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services conducted an inspection on the premises. Shortly afterwards the restaurant was closed down in order to remove rotting wood and other problem structures that promoted roach activity. Soon a new Wendy’s restaurant will take the old restaurant’s place. Hopefully people will be able to forget about that horrific cockroach invasion that occurred a few months prior.


Have you ever found an insect in any part of a restaurant or grocery store?


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