If you think that people who find bed bugs in their hotel rooms are unlucky then imagine how some people feel when bed bugs are found in every room of their own homes. Unfortunately, bed bug infestations are reported in apartment units and houses all of the time, and these reports seem to be increasing with each passing year. The bed bug scourge is not limited to certain areas of the world; instead bed bug infestations are a global problem. Bed bugs are even found on airplanes and within airports with alarming frequency. You do not have to travel far in order for bed bugs to latch onto your clothing. Once bed bugs are transported back to your home, an infestation is virtually inevitable. Bed bug infestations have forced people to vacate their homes. For example, a deaf man who is also partially blind has been forced to vacate his home due to a bed bug infestation. The infestation has been keeping him out of his home for four months.


Nicholas Squirrell who lives in the seaside city of Margate has not been able to return to his home due to an increasingly severe bed bug infestation. Squirrell had been living in the home for a little more than a year before the bed bugs appeared. Squirrell initially noticed the bed bugs in his caretaker’s room. The room had been littered with the pests. Squirrell then left to visit his parents over the Christmas holiday, but when he returned the bed bugs had claimed his apartment. Squirrel knew he was dealing with bed bugs after he spotted a white paper sheet on his floor that had been covered with bed bugs. Squirrell soon realized that the bed bugs had spread to every room, and it was at this point that he decided that living in the home was no longer safe. Squirrel and his roommate then moved in with Squirrell’s father, and then tried re-entering the home a couple of months later. After Squirrell spent a night in his home he woke up with large and numerous bites all over his body. Squirrel claims that the company that provided his home failed to address the bed bug issue. Due to Squirrell’s deafness and partial blindness, the bed bug infestation is causing him more stress than he can handle. The housing company, the Riverside Group, claims that inspectors had visited Squirrell’s home multiple times.


Have you ever had a neighbor who experienced a bed bug infestation?



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