If insects are not your thing then maybe you enjoy the great outdoors. Visiting national parks can allow people to better understand how diverse animal life is in the world today. Recently, a popular BBC program titled Planet Earth Two was watched by much of the western world. This BBC series focused on the animals that reside in Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai. The program mainly focused on the leopard species that inhabits the park, but it turns out that many of the world’s most fascinating insects can be found within the park as well.


The Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai sees many tourists every year from all over the globe. The interesting insects found within the park attract many insect-enthusiasts. One interesting insect that can be found in the Park is known as the Indian Jezebel. This insect sports a colorful design on its wingspan that attracts predators and humans alike, though not for the same reasons. These large and opulent insects can be found in every region of India. The butterflies are almost always found on trees located in forests or in gardens in urban areas.


Another interesting butterfly species that is well represented within the park is known as the Indian spot swordtail. This butterfly possesses forked hindwings, which is where it gets its name. In addition to that, the wings on this species are designed with numerous black dots that line up along the edges of the wing. Unlike the Indian Jezebel, the Indian spot swordtail avoids people and urban areas; instead this butterfly species can be spotted in forests and around hilly landscapes. As far as creepy-crawlies are concerned the spiny orb weaver spider may be the most sought after arthropod in the entire park. These spiders are known for creating picturesque webs. Despite the small size of these spiders, they can eat mosquitoes, moths beetles.


Have you ever seen an orb weaver’s web before?


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