When our parents or grandparents reach a certain age they may become unable to care for themselves. In these situations close relatives often become caregivers. This can be a difficult job, as life is already hard without having to worry about the health of a loved one. However, no matter how difficult it can be to make time for your bedridden relatives, most of us can manage to make it work. After all, most people love their relatives. Unfortunately, these particular situations do not always work out as one recent case in Georgia clearly demonstrates. A few days ago, firefighters were called to a home that contained a living but unconscious bedridden elderly woman. This woman was found in a state of serious neglect. The woman’s legs were black and the flesh was decomposing. This decomposing flesh attracted nearby insect scavengers and larvae.


In Gwinnett, Georgia firefighters arrived at a home that was believed to have caught on fire. However, firefighters did not locate any blaze, but they did find an obese woman with rotting flesh that had been covered in roaches and maggots. These maggots and roaches were seen adhering to the woman’s body. Upon closer inspection it was revealed that the maggots and roaches had been eating the woman’s dead flesh. After finding the woman in this shocking state, firefighters quickly pointed her out to the police who arrived at the scene shortly after the firefighters. According to Gwinnett County Police Cpl.Wilbert Rundles, the woman had clearly been lying in the same position for quite some time. He further claimed that this is the worst case of neglect that he had ever seen. Naturally, the police were curious about who was responsible for the woman’s care. Two caregivers, one eighteen years old and the other fifty four years old, were promptly arrested and charged with neglect of a disabled person. There is not word yet on whether the woman’s legs can be saved, but authorities are relieved that she was finally found and can now be properly cared for.


Have you ever heard of an insect that preferred to feed on flesh?


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