Anybody who has suffered through an insect infestation can probably tell you that moist conditions attract many different types of unwanted insect pests. Of course there are a number of insects that prefer, or require moist conditions in order to survive. Not surprisingly, many of these moisture-loving insects are naturally attracted to other features that are common within moist environments, such as mildew and fungus. As certain insects evolved within high moisture environments, they adapted the ability to digest mold, fungus and mildew. Although mildew-munching bugs may seem like the perfect tools for cleaning your unkempt shower, there are a few things that you should know about these insects.

Finding insects inhabiting moist or humid areas within your home may be a sign of a nearby fluid leakage. Making sure that your home’s plumbing is free from even minimal amounts of leakage is necessary for preventing certain insect infestations. Many types of insects that are attracted to mildew and fungus, such as foreign grain beetles, are commonly found in new homes. Typically, new homes are not associated with insect infestations, but insects that require moisture and mildew in order to survive are an exception. It is not uncommon for new homes to sustain mildew on newly installed lumber and sheetrock. When these materials absorb water, they will likely grow mildew or mold, and this is more common in newer homes than in older ones.

Not surprisingly, foreign grain beetles and other types of mildew-feeding insects sometimes become pests in bathrooms or other humid areas within a home. Controlling mildew-feeding insects usually consists of removing all mildew-contaminated materials from an infested home, and neutralizing high moisture levels that attract these pests. Surprisingly, pesticides do not work well at eradicating mildew-feeding insects. There is no evidence to suggest that mildew-feeding insect infestations persist after an affected area’s moisture levels are brought down to levels where mildew is unable to grow. Luckily, infestations of mildew-feeding insects is almost always manageable and temporary.


Have you ever spotted several small insects infesting a piece of timber that had become saturated with water? Have you ever sustained a bite from an insect while taking a shower?


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