For the most part when someone is bitten by a spider, they just end up with a irritated rash and swelling around the bite. The bite is usually gone within a few days and wasn’t any more memorable than a mosquito bite. However, if a person has an allergic reaction to a spider bite, the danger to their health skyrockets depending on just how serious the allergic reaction is. One man bitten by a spider earlier this year experienced an allergic reaction to rival all others.

Jordan Rassas remembers vaguely being bitten while he was asleep, and flicking the spider away when it woke him before going right back to bed. At first it didn’t concern him, but as it gradually began to swell throughout the next day he began to get worried. By the time he was going to pick up a friend to go to a party that night, he was forced to pull over in his car on the way to vomit up blood on the side of the road.  Thankfully, this was when his friend insisted on taking him to the hospital. However, by the time they got there Rassas was so sick that he couldn’t even tell the doctors what had happened to him to make him sick.

He was in the hospital for a total of 9 days. His infection continued to spread, and he worried the doctor’s might have to amputate his arm in order to save his life. The doctors had drawn a dotted line around his arm above his elbow, saying that if the infection spread that far, then they really needed to start worrying about it spreading to more vital organs like his heart. That line moved a number of times further and further up his arm and then around his shoulder to the point where the doctors were just about to turn to surgery to try and save him since the antibiotics didn’t seem to be working. Fortunately for Rassas, the medicine finally started working just before the infection would have spread too far and forced the doctors to amputate the infected area. While he got to keep his life and his arm, unfortunately, the doctors did need to dislocate his elbow and cut into his arm in order to treat the infection, so he didn’t come away totally unscathed.


Have you ever known someone that got an infection as bad as this or something similar from an insect bite? Did they pull through or have to have surgery performed?



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