For many adults in America, the idea of eating insects is still hard to imagine, but what about the next generation? Experts believe that insects are too valuable a food source to be ignored forever. At some point in the future, insects may become the only widely available source of protein. In other words, no matter how disgusting you may find the idea of eating insects, it is more than likely that your kids will regard the practice as normal. When it comes to marketing edible insect products, advertising for kids makes more sense than advertising for adults. American adults are typically stuck in their ways, but a child’s taste in food is still malleable. This is why one entrepreneur has developed a product that allows children to better understand how to prepare and consume insects.


A student from Northumbria University in the UK has used 3D printing technology to develop a set of kitchenware that is designed for edible insect preparation. Typically, kitchen utensils are developed for adults. After all, how often do you see a child using a step stool to operate a stove? However, this new set of kitchen utensils are built for children, not adults. The inventor of the modular kitchenware set believes that when it comes to normalizing insect eating, adults are a lost cause; instead the first generation of western edible insect kitchenware should be marketed to youngsters who are still developing their culinary tastes. The new device also encourages a form of protein-intake that is far more sustainable and healthy than livestock protein. Today’s young children will likely become the first generation of adults who consider the eating of insects to be a given. The new kitchenware has a modular design in which each component performs a certain function in the process of handling, preparing and eating insects.


Do you think enough kids will be interested in eating bugs for this product to become a success?


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