In the neverending quest to develop healthier food alternatives several different types of milk have been marketed to the public. Almond milk, soy milk and buffalo milk are just a few alternatives to cow milk that have become somewhat popular in recent years. However, there is another type of milk that you have probably not heard of, and you likely prefer it that way. Unfortunately, cockroach milk is a real thing. Not only does a horrific product like cockroach milk exist, but researchers think that it may even be the healthiest of all of the many alternatives to cow milk.

Although cockroach milk is not yet available in every corner grocery store, there are many online vendors that are selling the product. Many people were not even aware that female cockroaches produced milk. Not all cockroaches are capable of producing milk, but female pacific beetle cockroaches produce milk in order to feed their offspring, similar to mammals.

According to researchers at the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine in Bangalore, India, not only is cockroach milk the most nutritious alternative to cow milk, but cockroach milk may be one of the most nutritious substances known to mankind. Cockroach milk contains three times the amount of calories that are contained in buffalo milk. In fact, cockroach milk packs four times the energy as regular cow milk. Cockroach milk also possesses all of the amino acids required for cell growth, and it contains a relatively high amount of protein.

For those of you who are tremendously grossed out by the idea of drinking milk produced by female cockroaches, you may be pleased to learn that cockroach milk is reportedly tasteless. Researchers imagine future generations as splashing cockroach milk over their morning grains, like cereal and oatmeal. At the moment, researchers cannot conclusively determine whether or not cockroach milk is safe for human consumption, but they seem confident that cockroach milk will become the new superfood craze at some point in the near future.


Would you be willing to consume cockroach milk in order to judge its alleged benefits for yourself?


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