There’s a new spider in town, and I can pretty much guarantee that no matter how much you hate spiders, you will absolutely fall in love with this little guy. Of course, Lucas, the adorable spider, is not actually a living, breathing spider, but a cartoon one. Lucas has large eyes, the voice of a child, and furry paws, making him look like he’s straight out of a Disney or Pixar film. Where can you find this adorable critter? Why, where you will find everything else of value in this world, YouTube.

Joshua Slice created Lucas after watching a meme of a tiny jumping spider on a leaf, which he found to be cute. Going a little farther with this idea, Joshua wondered just how far one could push the cute factor with a spider. Slice told The Dodo, “I saw a meme of a little jumping spider in a leaf and it looked really cute. And I thought, I wonder how far you could push that. How cute could you make a spider?” And so, he set out to make a spider so cute that even arachnophobes couldn’t resist his adorable charm. Lucas’ goal was to make even the people with extreme arachnophobia say “aww” when they this little guy in action. And he succeeded.

The video of Lucas the incredibly cute spider begins with him looking at the watcher with huge puppy dog eyes and saying, “When I grow up, I want to be the world’s most musical spider,” before breaking out into song. The video was a huge success, as you might have imagined, and brought about demand for more and more Lucas the spider videos. Joshua Slice, who just happens to have worked on big cartoons such as Zootopia and Big Hero 6, did all of the work to create the short film, including the 3D design, modeling, rigging, animation, lighting and rendering. He even had his nephew, also named Lucas, play the voice of Lucas the spider. A feature film is already being mentioned in relationship with the YouTube cartoon of Lucas. Your children may very soon discover a deep love for spiders.

Have you seen videos of Lucas the spider? Do you think he’s cute enough to convert even the most extreme spider haters?

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