These days no place is safe from bed bug infestations. We are all used to hearing about bed bug infestations in unexpected places, but a bed bug-related incident in Tennessee is one-of-a-kind. A courtroom in Shelby County, Tennessee closed recently in response to a bed bug scare. What makes this particular bed bug scare interesting is the fact that no bed bugs were found to be infesting the courthouse; instead, a person walked into the Shelby County Criminal Justice Center with bed bugs crawling all over him/her. The name and sex of the bed bug-infested person has not been released to the media. The reason the person entered the courthouse is also unknown to the media.

According to the courtroom staff, the bed bug-infested person walked into the General Sessions Division 12 with numerous bed bugs clearly visible on the person’s clothes. There is no word on how the staff approached the bed bug-infested person, but the courthouse closed promptly for fumigations. The courthouse reopened a short time after the bed bug treatments. Pest control professionals did not find any bed bugs in neighboring rooms. Although bed bug infestations in government buildings are not uncommon, catching one single person tracking hundreds of bed bugs into a government building is uncommon.

In other bed bug-related news, an unlicensed mental health facility in Chicago has recently been outed as a bed bug haven. After police discovered an extensive bed bug infestation within the facility the entire building was evacuated. In addition to the bed bug presence, the building was reportedly found in an advanced state of filth. Police arrived at the facility after residents called the authorities complaining about unsanitary living conditions and a lack of hot water. Most surprisingly, when police arrived at the facility, not a single staff member could be found; instead the police found mental health patients left unattended in bed bug-infested conditions.


Do you think that at some point in the near future an effective bed bug control method will be introduced to the market?


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