If there is one thing you do not want to see during the summer months it is a swarm of stinging insects. Bees are actually the deadliest animals in the United States. Many people have allergies to bees, which makes them a particularly dangerous type of stinging insect. Although bees are responsible for many deaths per year in America, they are not nearly as aggressive as wasps. Many people fear bees, despite the fact that most bee species dwelling within America are not aggressive toward humans. Wasps, on the other hand, are aggressive. Wasps are likely to sting people who are located near a nest. A person does not necessarily need to provoke wasps in order to sustain stings. Wasps can also sting victims repeatedly, unlike bees. Although being present near a wasp swarm is dangerous, wasps do not swarm solely as an act of aggression.


In many cases, wasps will begin to swarm near humans and animals if their nests are disturbed. Luckily, many wasp species, such as yellow jackets, build their nests at particular elevations that make it difficult for humans to disturb their nests. However, there are plenty of wasp species that build their nests in bushes or in other locations that are nearly ground-level. In these cases, a wasp nest can become disturbed if a human simply bumps into a wasp-infested bush unwittingly. Several swarm reactions are caused every year purely by accident. But wasps will also swarm when they are searching for a new nesting area.


When wasps swarm in order to locate a proper nesting site, their swarms are not aggressive. Being in the path of a wasp swarm is a bad situation as many wasp species can quickly become aggressive toward any animal in its path. Some wasp species become aggressive every time they leave their nests. For example, paper wasps and mud daubers are always in the mood for a fight if they are away from their colonies. When nests are being constructed during the early summer season, wasps can be in a protective mode due to their exposed queen. Everyone should consider wasps aggressive whenever they are spotted since many wasp-attacks have occurred despite a lack of provocation on the part of humans.


Have you ever encountered a swarm of wasps?


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