There should exist a magazine dedicated solely to bed bug-related issues occuring within the United States. These blood-sucking pests are causing people serious agony on a constant basis. Of all the bugs that exist in the world, none of them get more press coverage than bed bugs. For example, one landlord in the state of Maine has been fined a staggering five hundred thousand dollars by the city government for allegedly ignoring a bed bug infestation in one of his rental homes. In addition to that, some good news relating to bed bugs has finally been reported. Experts believe that bed bugs may help solve serious crimes.

In Maine a Portland landlord has been fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for his failure to correct several “life-safety” violations in one of his rental homes. Most troubling among these ignored violations is a bed bug infestation. This steep fine is one of the costliest that the city of Portland has ever handed out. The president of the Southern Maine Landlord Association, Brit Vitalius, has publicly claimed that this particular fine is excessive and unreasonable. In addition to a bed bug infestation, the landlord also failed to replace smoke detectors within a certain span of time, and emergency exits were inadequate, which put the tenant’s lives in danger. The bulk of the fine is likely due to the bed bug infestation that had persisted for a long period of time in the complex. The landlord has twenty one days to repeal the city’s decision, but city officials seem adamant in their ruling.

Experts have found that DNA in a tick’s blood meals can last up to ninety days. Apparently DNA in the blood meals found in tick’s bellies degrades slowly. Experts are claiming that this fact could make bed bugs useful during crime scene investigations involving murder. If bed bugs were to become tools in crime scene investigations, a new forensic science could be established. Experts are already referring to this possible future field of criminal investigation as “forensic hematophagy.”


Do you think that bed bugs could reveal the identity of murderers by having their blood meals analyzed for DNA?


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