Going to the airport can be stressful. The security is anything but lax and now appearing naked in front of TSA officials is a normal part of plane travel. However, security officials can have stressful experiences while working at airports too, as one recent “case” proves. Recently customs officials at an airport in China performed a routine bagcheck only to find hundreds of roaches crawling about.

According to newspapers in China, customs officials noticed something strange about a piece of luggage that appeared to have something moving inside. After the luggage had gone through the X-ray machine, customs officials demanded to see what was in the piece of luggage. According to security guard Xu Yuyu, after the bag was opened a white plastic bag was found with something black moving around inside. When one bag was opened a roach fell out of it, which reportedly made the elderly woman who owned the bag start to cry–maybe she knew that particular roach personally! Obviously, the customs officials did not hesitate to ask the elderly couple why they were attempting to travel with hundreds of roaches. The woman’s husband responded that his wife uses the roaches as a face and skin ointment. It is not known whether or not the elderly woman has a skin condition, but the customs officials later learned that the roaches were going to be used as an old “folk remedy”. Apparently the roaches are to be mixed with a cream of some sort and then applied to the face. Since living organisms are not allowed to be carried within luggage during air travel, the roach filled suitcases were left with the security team at the airport. The couple was not notified as to what would end up happening to the wife’s roach collection, but they probably won’t be able to pick it back up on the return trip home.

Have you ever heard of a skin-care treatment involving roaches or other insects?


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