Many people are probably getting sick of hearing about the benefits associated with eating insects. The idea of eating bugs regularly is laughable to people living within the United States. However, there is not much that is more annoying than seeing an avid bug-eater brag about their ability to choke down creepy-crawlies by eating them right in front of you. But this is exactly what one popular vlogger has done. A vlogger living in China, where the practice of bug consumption is as old as eating itself, has managed to make the entire population of America cringe as she ravenously consumes the sorts of bugs that most people would be afraid to even look at. Bugs such as scorpions, which are arachnids, are eaten piece by piece along with terrifyingly long centipedes. The vlogger has claimed that eating a vast amount of insects and spiders has improved her health.

The recent video showing a Chinese citizen consuming bugs of all different sorts has postponed America’s acceptance of the vile practice by a very long time. The woman in the video may have been attempting to turn westerners onto the idea of maintaining good physical health by eating savory mealworms, arachnids and silkworms, but she likely had the opposite effect on those who are already turned off by the idea of consuming arthropods. Many people commented that the video was fake, as many western viewers seem to have forgotten that edible-bugs are currently being touted as an ideal protein alternative. However, there is no doubt that the bugs being consumed were, in fact, real bugs. Not only are the bugs in the video real, but the woman claims that she is even paid to eat the bugs online. The video has shocked so many people in the western world that articles reporting on the video’s contents and the reactions that it has provoked are now easy to find on the internet.


Would you be able to stomach watching a person consume several different bugs?


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