Even the most laid back of individuals would become quite aggravated to learn of a bedbug infestation in a hotel room that he/she had just paid for. A hotel or motel is the last place where a person wants to find bedbugs. There can never be any valid excuse for sharing your hotel room bed with bedbugs. Unfortunately, finding bedbugs in hotels and motels is becoming far more common. For example, hotel and motel owners in Utah are having a difficult time keeping their rooms free from bedbugs. Numerous hotels and motels all across the state have become bedbug havens.

Between March 10, 2016 to Aug. 10, 2017 there were seventeen complaints made to the Utah County Health Department about bedbug infestations in hotel and motel rooms. One single lodging business had been implicated in more than half of these seventeen complaints. Unfortunately for the owner, newspapers published the name of Utah’s most bedbug infested hotel. Eleven complaints were filed over The Executive Inn in Provo, Utah. Two complaints were made about bedbugs infesting the Provo Travelers Inn. The Amenity Inn in Provo, the Passport Inn & Suites in Provo, the Best Western Mountain View Inn in Springville and the L & L Motel in Orem all had one bedbug complaint filed against them. Most of these businesses are located in Provo, making this city a bedbug favorite. Provo is the third largest city in the state of Utah, and many travelers pass through this city, which is likely why bedbugs have become particularly numerous there.

An environmental health scientist with the Utah County Health Department, Brian Nielson said some people will call in their complaints, but many walk into the health department personally to show Nielson their bedbug bites. After receiving the complaint, Nielsen will often visit the allegedly infested businesses in order to conduct inspections. Or sometimes Nielsen will simply call the hotel to inform the owners of the bedbug problem within their business. According to Nielsen, bedbug complaints have increased dramatically over the past three years. Both businesses and people’s own homes are the most common sites of bedbug infestations. Nielsen does not know what is causing the increase in bedbug infestations. In any case, you might want to avoid the city of Provo.

Have you noticed an increase in bedbug infestations? Do you have friends and family who have experienced infestations at some point in the past few years?


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