Rodents must have adequate food and shelter in order to live and thrive. Removal of these 2 factors is the best way to prevent and control rodent problems. It is important to include both the outside and inside of your home in your sanitation efforts.
Indoor Sanitation 


• Clean areas under stoves, refrigerators and dishwashers; make sure there are no crumbs or grease

• Keep counter tops clear of food and wash everyday

• Do not leave glasses of water out overnight

• Don’t leave dirty items in the sink overnight

• Store dry food, pet food and birdseed in sealed containers; do not leave overnight in bowls

• Clean pet bowls at night.



• Keep storage areas free of clutter

• Keep closets and cabinets organized

• Rodent-Proof hard-to-access areas that tend to be neglected

o Basement windows

o Stone foundations

• Store supplies or materials off the floor

• Install door sweeps on all doors



• Keep grass and weeds cut

• Do not store wood or debris against house

• Make sure all cracks and openings are sealed around foundation

• Keep lids on all trash containers and recycling bins