Keeping pests out of restaurants is always a difficult task and relying on bi-weekly or monthly pest control services is never enough. In a perfect scenario I have confidence my techs can eliminate any pests. However, no business is a perfect scenario even they serve the perfect pizza or shrimp dish.
Pests such as mice, rats, roaches and flies all love restaurants, mainly the kitchens, sink areas and storage areas. Why? Well, for a variety of reasons; Kitchens bring warmth, food, water and harborage areas. Pests can find all the items they need to stay alive and continue to breed.
Now let’s say you are a food establishment owner and have flies floating around your bar area and mice eating food in the storage areas of your basement. Your first instinct is to call a pest control company. That is a good thing! You are taking a step in the right direction. A pest control can help knock down pest populations quickly. But do you want long term success? Well, then you will need to help us help you.
What can you do?
  • Make sure all doors are closed at all times
  • Make sure all doors have door sweeps
  • Keep all food items and in plastic, metal or glass containers
  • Keep all food off the ground
  • Make sure they floors and counters are thoroughly cleaned each night with cleaning products and not just water
  • Make sure caps are on all liquor bottles
  • Make sure all ice is drained
  • For more tips and service assistance call us today at 617-921-9837 or 781-599-4317
Don’t worry though. We can help with this. We can put together reports indicating problem areas so you can address them. We can provide suggestions on products and cleaning companies. We are here to help but remember pest problems are not solved on pesticides and trapping alone! Best of luck!

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