We know there are many pest control companies you can choose from. We know there are many that offer similar services and maybe even better prices. We know you are getting the sales pitch from their sales manager. But when push comes to shove are they reliable? Can you trust on them in a pinch? Will they do the work when payment can’t be made immediately? Will they go back and do work at an off hour or weekend at no pay because it is under warranty? Will they stop what they are doing and take care of unruly tenant? We can promise we can but can others?
Pest control is a tough service to provide because it never really ends. You may solve one issue and a new pest issue arises. You may fix a pest problem and a couple years later it is back again. Rodents and insects outnumber us humans and we struggle everyday to keep them out of your home and business. Because keeping pests is ongoing process you need a company that will always be there for you. Many companies can knock out a pest issue the first time around but will they be there to help you (and quickly) when the pest issue comes back and they aren’t profiting? We know they all say they do but we know from our 40 years in business that simply isn’t true.
B & B Pest Control has set up its company so that you know you can reach a company employee at just about any time of the day, whether it be via the phone, email, FB chat, Yelp messaging or any other form of communication. Everyone says they can be reached at anytime but can they really? B & B Pest Control companies who can back up that claim. Just try us.
John, Owner

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