Here at B&B we know just how bad it can be dealing with pests in your home or business. That is why this week we have created an article to help you deal with roaches! Use these tips to keep your property better protected from cockroaches and other pests this year!

  1. Cut Off Their Water – Make sure that you remove any water sources the roaches may use to survive. This can be from leaks or standing water left around your property. Standing water sources are one of the biggest reasons pests inhabit and area so always remove these sources of water!
  2. Keep House Clean – Make sure you are keeping your home very clean as this will help reduce your likely hood of having roaches. If your home is dirty this will attract pest’s species from the left-over debris around your home.
  3. Put Your Food Away – Never leave your food our so that roaches and other pests can get to it. This means using proper air tight containers that pests cannot get into. This will greatly reduce your likelihood of having pests by simply removing any possible food sources.
  4. Clean Your Floors Regularly – This means mobbing up crumbs and sticky spots on your floor as this can attract pest’s species like roaches.
  5. Use Roach Traps – If you already have a roach infestation you can set up roach traps or call a professional like B&B Pest to help you! At B&B Pest we professionals are removing pests and can handle any pest problem in the greater Boston area!

If you or someone you know is dealing with pest problems in the greater Boston area contact B&B Pest Control Now! At B&B Pest Control we are able to handle any pest problem you may have no matter if it’s for your home, or businesses we have you covered. Call us today and see the difference B&B Pest Control makes!




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