You may think that the West Nile virus is only an issue for the residents of southern states. This is most certainly not the case, as the state of Connecticut has already seen Zika-related casualties. The West Nile virus has already been traced to four cities in the state of Connecticut, and state officials are hoping to contain the virus. In response to the virus being reported in four cities across the state, a variety of local officials along with the Health and Elderly Services Department have sprayed larvicide across the state and have stepped up efforts to educate the public concerning this virus.

The town of New Haven has started to celebrate the day of mosquito-related education. The city health officials have also supplied every resident with mosquito repellent. Peak mosquito season in Connecticut arrives late this month, so the timing of the celebration was perfect. According to Mayor Toni Harp, residents of New Haven and other cities in Connecticut need to be prepared for mosquito bites, as a further two months of mosquito activity will continue in the state. The City epidemiologist Brian Weeks made it clear that those people with compromised immune systems stand a greater chance of developing the virus. Therefore, these people are considered a special class that require extra precautions. The Department of Public Works has applied larvicide to areas rich in water and waste, such as sewer grates and manholes. Luckily, this chemical is target-specific, so the larvicide will not harm anyone or anything except for the mosquitoes.

The town festivities were not meant to cause people fright; instead the festival communicated the idea that risk of infection is nearly impossible with the proper precautions. And that one can be carrying the virus while showing no symptoms. The best the city can do is supply mosquito repellent and larvicide to its citizens.

Does the fact that Zika-infection can occur in individuals who show no signs of disease scare you? Have you ever had reason to consider the idea that you could have been infected?


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