If you do not already own a home, then just try to imagine taking out a loan to buy your first family home. You have a beautiful wife, and you are hoping to raise your kids in your newly purchased home. Everything seems great for the first few months. You are responsible, so you make sure to have your home inspected for termites right off the bat. The termite inspector arrives, checks the house here and there, and you have no reason to suspect his credentials. The inspector makes you pay and then leaves. A month later, while remodeling, you discover a multitude of termites infesting a wall that had been obstructed. Sadly, this scenario became a reality for a real life couple. It turned out that a man posing as a termite inspector demanded money from the couple after pretending to inspect the house for insect pests. Luckily, once a licensed inspector evaluated the termite damage, he concluded that the damage was too significant to be missed by a professional, and the con-man was soon found out.

A home buyer named Aaron Kroh took out a home loan that required a termite inspection. He had a company called Absolute Pest Control carry out the inspection two months before the deal was closed on the house. Kroh was handed a document claiming that the home was pest-free. Naturally, Kroh felt relieved, and he quickly moved his belongings into the home. Not long after, Kroh’s wife found termites behind a dryer.

Later, a licensed professional claimed that termites had been infesting the home for a period of five years. The licensed professional decided to dig up information on the seemingly phony termite inspector. He later learned that Absolute Pest Control had quickly been dissolved for never providing the proper business forms to the state. The new inspector also learned that the old owner, Jeffrey Willhite, had not possessed the proper license for nearly a decade. Luckily, the new inspector took care of the termite problem, and ended up reporting the foul play.

People are rarely conned by phony and unlicensed pest control professionals. Licensed pest control professionals can always explain the full extent of an infestation, and they have an extensive knowledge on various insect pests. So be sure that the pest control company you call is an established company.

Have you ever been conned by a pest control professional? Do you have a pest control professional in mind in case you should experience an insect pest infestation?


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