Here at B&B we are all about protecting our customers from pests and making sure your home or business is safe. One common question we get is How Safe is Pest Control for our family or pets? Well B&B created this article to help you understand more about this issue!

The B&B Difference

The most concerns from pest control services and protecting your family or pets comes from the use of pesticides and materials to treat pest issues. At B&B Pest Control our biggest priority is keeping you and your loved ones safe! Our team at B&B Pest Control is trained at Integrated Pest Management techniques, which allows them to minimize pest activity/damage by understanding the biology of the pest. Once we have that information we can minimize your pest species favorable conditions and remove the pest from the source, which in turn limits the need for pesticide use!

Highly Trained Licensed Professionals

At B&B Pest Control we use very precise targeting applications at the pest’s hot spots to make sure we use as little pesticides as possible. Our professionals will put the pesticides in problem areas where pest species can get to them, but your pet and loved ones will be unable to reach. Our team of highly trained dedicated licensed professionals will make sure that while they are treating your residence that everyone is safe including all your pets! Call B&B today and stop worrying about pest and let us handle it!

B&B Pest Gives You

When you use B&B Pest Control you a getting a highly skilled team of dedicated professionals that will do anything or whatever to protect your home or businesses from pests! We are able to protect you from over 60 common household pests using minimal pesticide exposure and the latest IPM techniques. Here at B&B we understand that the customer comes first that is why we stand by any of our work and have been serving the greater Boston community for over 30 years!

Remember it is important that if you find a pest infestation on your property whether it’s your home, or business you must deal with it quickly with a licensed professional before it becomes too much. If you or someone you know is dealing with rodents or any other pests in the great Boston area contact B&B Pest Control today! See why for over 30 years so many in the greater Boston area have chosen B&B when they have a pest problem for their home, or business. Contact us today and find out the B&B difference for yourself!


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