Here at B&B we are all about protecting our customers from unwanted pests, that is why we have created this article to inform you about exciting news dealing with pests! A study being conducted at the Cambridge-based Moderna Therapeutics have prevented the transfer of Zika infected mice to their fetuses. The findings released this last Thursday could have big health effects for humans in the future.

The findings were the first time in history that scientist have been able to prevent in the utero transmission of Zika in animals (transferring of diseases to young). Zika in humans causes pregnant women to give birth to children with a variety of different birth defects such as abnormally small heads, and severe intellectual disabilities called Microcephaly.

In current times, there are no approved vaccines or treatment options for Zika which makes it so scary for humans. Not to mention the fact that it has been contracted by hundreds of people in the U.S., and overseas in the past year alone. Moderna since its development of this Zika finding have received over $1 Billion in investments, and partnerships to continue research. In the future to make sure we don’t become victims of Zika and other diseases like it we need to continue to research, and study these diseases to continue to develop vaccines.

In a more personal sense to protect yourself from Zika try, and avoid exposure to mosquitoes especially in areas where Zika is more common. One tip to remove mosquitoes from an area is remove standing water as this is how they breed, and reproduce. If you are dealing with any pests of any kind whether it’s for your home or business contact B&B today.

Remember it is important that if you find a pest infestation on your property whether it’s your home, or business you must deal with it quickly with a licensed professional before it becomes too much. If you or someone you know is dealing with rodents or any other pests in the great Boston area contact B&B Pest Control today! See why for over 30 years so many in the greater Boston area have chosen B&B when they have a pest problem for their home, or business. Contact us today and find out the B&B difference for yourself!




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