Here at B&B we are all about protecting our customers from unwanted pests, that is why we have created this list to help better protect yourself from bed bugs. Follow these simple tips to keep you and your family safe from a bed bug infestation. Don’t forget that if you find bed bugs in your work place contact a licensed professional like B&B Pest Control to have them come remove it ASAP.

  1. Second Hand Furniture – It’s never a good idea to buy second hand furniture especially from a dirty or unkept home. Often bed bugs will attach themselves and wait to establish themselves in your home when you bring the furniture home!
  2. Check Yourself – If you were in a dirty home or area and feel like you could have brought bed bugs home with you check before coming back into your home. This will make sure you didn’t bring in any unwanted bed bug hitchhikers with you.
  3. Check Your Pets – Bed bugs will often attach themselves to pets trying to hitch a ride to a better area. So again if you’re in an area that is prone to bed bugs check your pet while you check yourself before you bring them into your residence.
  4. Always inspect Clothing – Even when you buy new clothing and especially with second hand clothing check for bed bugs before wearing or brining onto your property.
  5. Examine Your Mattress Often – If you suspect you have bed bugs or just want to be sure check your mattress twice a year for bed bugs. If you have bed bugs you will be able to see their dead or alive bodies all around the mattress. Make sure you flip and check all areas of the mattress because bed bugs are good at hiding.

Remember it is important that if you find a bed bug infestation on your property whether it’s your home, or business your deal with it quickly with a licensed professional before it becomes too much. If you or someone you know is dealing with rodents or any other pests in the great Boston area contact B&B Pest Control today! See why for over 30 years so many in the greater Boston area have chosen B&B when they have a pest problem for their home, or business. Contact us today and find out the B&B difference for yourself!




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