About the time that the Second World War ended bed bugs were a huge problem on almost every nation on Earth, no matter if you are rich or poor. Bed bugs would not discriminate they simply wanted your blood it didn’t matter about your wealth, or status. Bed bug numbers at the time were around 50% of homes in the United States were infected with bed bugs, while 75% of European homes were infected with bed bugs.

Once the development of safe and efficient insecticides bed bugs were almost completely removed from the world. In the 1990s things began to change though, and bed bugs began to return to even greater numbers. A number of factors contributed to the increase in the bed bug population in the 90s some of these included: people traveling to far flung areas around the globe, changes in control of other pest species including cockroaches, lack of awareness by a generation of people who have no experience with bed bugs. These and many other factors contributed to the increase in bed bug activity that started around the 90s. We currently are still dealing with the bed bug uptick started in the 1990s, but numbers are improving with increased education about the issue.

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