Here at B&B we are all about protecting our customers from unwanted pests, that is why we have created this list to help better protect yourself from rodents while you work. Follow these simple tips to keep you and your coworkers safe from a rodent infestation. Don’t forget that if you find rodents in your work place contact a licensed professional like B&B Pest Control to come remove it.

  1. Dry up Water Sources – Fix leaky faucets or pipes that are leaking providing rodents a permanent water source to survive on.
  2. Make Sure Trash is Secure – Rodents need food and will often get into trash or other debris left by humans. That is why it is important to seal trash and food in good containers that cannot be compromised.
  3. Do Not Leave Out Food – This seems obvious but many people don’t follow this simple rule.
  4. Pick up Natural Food Source – Often rodents will feed on trees that bear fruit, or nuts so if you have one of these by your property make sure you collect the trees fruits once they fall.
  5. Check Openings – Check all openings and cracks on your build on property where rodents might gain access.
  6. Seal All Cracks – Seal cracks if they are found and all other openings where rodents might gain access.
  7. Use Storage Sheds – Lay Storage Sheds on top of concrete slabs this will discourage tunneling by rodents.
  8. Keep up With Landscaping- Prune shrubs or other vegetation that is close to your property.
  9. Remove Vines or Trees – All Vines or Trees that are touching the property need to be removed this is an easy way for rodents to have a direct route to your property.
  10. Keep Food in Kitchen – Make sure employees are not keeping food items in their desks. It is important to keep all food items in one spot the kitchen.
  11. Stay Vigilante – Always keep your eyes open for a rodent infestation. We have a list of common signs you have a rodent infestation located in an earlier blog. Read this blog to re learn important warning signs you have an infestation.

Remember it is important that if you find a rodent infestation on your property whether it’s your home, or business your deal with it quickly with a licensed professional before it becomes too much. If you or someone you know is dealing with rodents or any other pests in the great Boston area contact B&B Pest Control today! See why for over 30 years so many in the greater Boston area have chosen B&B when they have a pest problem for their home, or business. Contact us today and find out the B&B difference for yourself!




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