People now in current times think of termites only as a pest species that gives them a hard time with their properties. The truth is termites have been on this earth for thousands of years, and were some of the first farmers on the planet. Termites may in fact be the first species on earth to farm or cultivate anything, which is a very interesting change in our previous ideas.

New research is being done by James Cook University, and Ohio University where they have found the signs of the earliest known examples of agriculture and there from termites! The species of termite that was found cultivating so long ago is from the genus macrotermes which has living relative’s today in Africa, and Southeast Asia. The way that this family of termites cultivate is with a certain fungus known as termitomyces. The termites use this fungus for food, and have learned to cultivate it for their own use. The gigantic termite mounds that house thousands of termites often are found with huge crops of this fungus growing at the top in present day. It took scientist much longer to realize the important relationship between the fungus and the termites.

The symbiotic relationship the termites show with these mushrooms is a very uncommon type of symbiotic relationship in the animal kingdom especially when you think about the time. The crazy thing also is that these mushrooms that grow on top of the termite mounds are edible to humans, and considered a delicacy. This amazing information shows us just how much we still have to learn about even common species of animals such as termites.

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