Jeff White the research entomologist of bed bug central, and host of bed bug tv released a video helping you identify termites in your home. In the video he outlines all of the most common species of termites that are found in the United States. It is very important when dealing with termites to understand the signs of a termite infestation, so that you can quickly handle it before it becomes worse. Termites can be very hard to find, and id since they are generally hidden from humans.

In the video Jeff White will take you through each species of termite, and where they are the most common. He includes which area of the United States they are found in, and also the problem areas in the home they inhabit. He also goes further into each species, and how they different from each other from swarming to other behaviors. Watching the video can help any home or property owner have a better understanding of how termites work, and is valuable information to know.

While this video is very informative, if you find termites on any property of yours whether it’s your home or business call a licensed pest professional like B&B Pest Control. Termites are not something that someone can dealt without an expert, always call a professional with lots of experience like B&B Pest Control. B&B Pest Control has been serving the greater Boston area for over 30 years, removing any pest problem in their way. Don’t let termites get the best of you and your wallet call B&B Pest Control today, and let us handle all of your pest control needs!




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