Bed Bugs have made a comeback in recent years as you may have seen in the news, but there are some things you might not know about bed bugs. We all know the common facts about bed bugs like they bite you in your sleep, and dwell in your bed but in this article we will cover 6 less known bed bug facts.

The first fact that you might not know about bed bugs is that they are able to infest anywhere. People often think of bed bugs living in hotels, and poorly maintained dirty homes but this is not the only place. Bed bugs can be found anywhere humans frequent, such as college dorms, office buildings, schools, buses, trains, movie theaters and more. A recent study called the Bugs without Borders found that 89% of pest control companies found bed bugs in single family homes. They also found that 88% of pest control companies report treating for bed bugs in apartment complexes. 67% of pest control companies treated hotels, and 9% also treated different modes of transportation. This really shows you that bed bugs can live anywhere that humans are, so always be aware.

The second fact is that bed bugs are not just commonly found in the city, in fact they are found in all 50 states. The National Pest Management Association’s Bed Bugs in American survey found that 17% of their survey sample had bed bugs in the Northeastern United States; 20% of them reported in the Midwest, with another 20% reported in the South. The finally 19% of the sample size reported dealing with bed bugs in the Western United States. These statistics really show that bed bugs are found all around the United States, so understanding these pests is critical to protecting yourself.

The third fact about bed bugs you might not know is that they are very resilient creatures. Bed bugs are able to survive months at a time without a host. The scary thing about this is that they can lay in your furniture, or wherever they for months until a host comes along. Bed bugs are also so resilient that they can survive near freezing temperatures to temperatures over 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Since bed bugs are so resilient they are not something someone can deal with themselves they need a pest professional like B&B Pest Control.

Fact number 4 is that bed bugs are extremely smart for bugs; to survive they are very elusive and stay out of sight during daytime. They have been known to hide anywhere they can to stay out of their host view until the time is just right for them to feed. Once it is night time bed bugs see the carbon dioxide we emit from our mouths, and are drawn out to feed.

The 5th uncommon bed bug fact is that their feeding methods are very methodical or routine. Bed bugs will often feed for 5 to 10 minutes and take a break and feed again. This feeding habit is why you often see so many different bed bug bites on a person that has been bitten.

The 6th and final fact about bed bugs is that they are sneaky feeders; they rarely wake the host while they are feeding. Bed bug’s saliva acts as an anesthetic to numb the area while increasing blood flow making it as easy as possible for them to feed.

As you can tell from this article bed bugs are a serious problem that have serious health effects and should be dealt with accordingly. If you or someone you know is dealing with bed bugs call a professional like B&B Pest Control to have them remove the infestation. At B&B Pest Control we have been serving the great Boston area for over 30 years all while being family owned and operated. So if you’re dealing with bed bugs let us handle them! Contact B&B Pest Control today!




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