People might be surprised to find out that rodents causing vehicle problems is a very common occurrence, especially during colder or winter months. The National Pest Management Association had this to say about the issue of rodents and vehicles “Vehicles possess the ideal attributes that attract rodents in winter, including shelter and built-up warmth from commutes,” says Michael Bentley, Ph.D., and staff entomologist at NPMA. He went on to say that “Rodents hate being out in the open where they are vulnerable to predators, so when they see a car holding freshly generated heat that also offers protection from the great outdoors, they are drawn to it for cover.”

Entering into vehicles for rodents is extremely easy when most rodents can squeeze into an opening that is roughly the size of a dime. If the owner of the vehicle has left any type of food source inside the vehicle this will further motivate the rodent to enter the car. One of the biggest problems with rodents using your vehicle for a burrow is the fact that they chew everything including wires. “Rodents are instinctively avid chewers. About three percent of their daily activity is just gnawing on objects like wires; unfortunately, cars have an abundance of materials that rodents enjoy chewing through.” Said Bentley about the issue.

New designs in many Eco-friendly cars could further attract rodents to vehicles with wire made from soy based products. The wires are essential made of food making them biodegradable but also very palatable to rodents. Rodents don’t just cause vehicle damage they also can affect your health in a number of ways including respiratory issues, allergies, and asthma.

It’s important if you find a rodent infestation in your vehicle or home that you call the professionals. If you find rodents in your car you should call the mechanic and a licensed pest control company like B&B Pest Control. Rodents inside the car generally mean there is a large rodent population living near where your park your car. Regularly inspecting your car and having pest control specialist such a B&B Pest Control protect your home from rodents are your best plan of action against rodent attacks. For all your pest needs in the greater Boston area call B&B Pest Control today and get protected!




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