In Topeka Kansas after numerous reports of bed bugs bites in the Health Resource Center building located in the VA hospital. The hospital has released a statement about the current bed bug infestation issue. “Building 9 in Topeka, KS received a confirmed report of bedbugs in the building on October 5, 2016. The bed bugs were sighted in a limited area; however, management has decided to immediately treat the entire building for the overall welfare of our employees.” Read the statement released from the HRC for the VA hospital in Kansas. The problem was so severe that many employees and viewers alike were contacting channel 13 news informing them of the bed bug bites they were receiving at work, all while the HRC had known about it. When questioned the HRC said they had not received a single report of an employee being bit before they acted.

One viewer who was interviewed about the issue said the employees had notified the union on Wednesday when management wasn’t taking care of the bed bug issue correctly. The HRC continues to claim that as soon as they were notified of the infestation they took action. The HRC manager Matt Eitutis had this to say “On Tuesday morning we had a bedbug brought to us and by within a couple hours we had given that bug to a local exterminator to determine whether or not it was a bed bug,” he went on to say “Subsequent to that on Wednesday morning, we found two more, and after finding two more of those bed bugs we made a decision to close services.” The HRC claims they also notified employees Wednesday afternoon, and informed them how to prevent the further spreading of bed bugs.  The problem is that many employees feel as though the issue was not handled as properly as it could have been. Currently all 375 workers who work in the building are on paid leave until the building is treated for bed bugs.

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