The first study of its kind ever to be conducted here in the United States has just published its results. Researchers found that the average U.S. home has about 500 different kinds of arthropods living within its perimeter. Arthropods are a group of invertebrate animals that have a exoskeleton, such examples of arthropods living in your home are spiders, mites, and other types of insects.

Matt Bertone an entomologist from North Carolina State University headed this study, and had this to say about it “Nobody had done an exhaustive inventory like this one, and we found that our homes host far more biodiversity than most people would expect.” The research was conducted on 50 free standing homes within a 30 mile radius of each other in Raleigh, North Carolina. The researchers went room by room to collect all the arthropods they found present no matter if they were alive or not.

The results found that on average 579 different arthropod morpho-species were found in each home. The most common of the species found in the homes they from were at no surprise to anyone flies, spiders, ants, beetles, book-lice, and spiders. The large number of arthropods found in the average home in this study might cause concern for some home owners. but this shouldn’t be the case says Dr. Bertone “While we collected a remarkable diversity of these creatures, we don’t want people to get the impression that all of these species are actually living in everyone’s homes.” He went further to say “Many of the arthropods we found had clearly wandered in from outdoors, been brought in on cut flowers, or were otherwise accidentally introduced. Because they’re not equipped to live in our homes, they usually die pretty quickly.” One such example of a species like this found in all of the homes tested was the Gall midges, these arthropods cannot even survive in the home.

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