In this article we will be giving you some tips to spot signs of rodents or a mice infestation in your home. Mice or rodents are a year round problem and can infiltrate your property anytime there is an opportunity. The National Pest Management Association did a survey and found that 45% of all rodent issues happen during the fall and winter, with the other 55% occurring in the other months. Follow these tips outlined by the National Pest Management Association to help find out if your home has a rodent problem. These tips will outline five different signs you can use to determine if your home or business has a rodent problem that needs to be dealt with.

The first thing to look for when determining if you have a rodent problem is to look for their droppings. Rodent droppings are the most common sign of a rodent infestation that people usually fined. The droppings look like pellets, and are about 3-6mm in length. The most common area that droppings are often found is where food is stored. It is important to also check underneath sinks, inside cabinets, and pantries for droppings. Rodent’s droppings can carry numerous diseases so if you find some exercise caution when in close proximity. Rodent droppings have been known to carry diseases such as Salmonella and the deadly Hantavirus which there is no cure for. If you think rodent droppings couldn’t get any worse the average rodent produces more than 50 droppings daily. If you are picking up rodent droppings wear a mask and gloves in a well ventilated area to avoid health issues.

The next things to look for after droppings is scratch or gnaw marks around the home. Rodents are extreme chewers, and can cause extreme property damage by chewing through almost any type of material they can. Rodents will literally chew anything they can from wires, lead pipes, plastic, and wood. Rodents have even caused fires from chewing wires inside a home’s walls, so it’s always important to be aware of rodent chewing signs around the home.

The third thing to look for when trying to detect a rodent infestation is looking for the nest. Rodents will nest in dark secluded areas where they are less likely to be disturbed. Rodents commonly build their nest from shredded paper or other similar products like cotton or packing material. If you find any of these materials or others similar to these chewed up or scattered around the home it might be a sign of a rodent infestation.

Rodents also are known to leave dark rub marks, or tracks on walls around the homes they are inhabiting. The rodents will leave dark greasy or dirt marks around the walls, and floorboards of the home as they travel across it. Looking for and understanding what these marks are might help you find a rat infestation when other signs are not visible.

The last tip for finding a rodent infestation in your home is making sure to listen for strange noises. If you are home, and hear strange noises in the walls especially at night it can be a big sign of a rodent infestation. Rodents commonly chew walls and things inside the walls so listen for activity in your walls, or any other strange noises that could tip you off to a rodent infestation.

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