The University of Florida is investing in research to develop a new method for detecting the deadly Zika virus. Barry Alto from the university will use a 200,000$ grant from the Florida Department of Health to try and improve Zika detection methods. In Florida last year there were a reported 1,272 cases of Zika reported and of those 256 cases were locally transmitted. The problem with current Zika detection methods are they can take 4 hours or even days to be completed. Barry Alto and his team are working to develop a method that should be able to detect the Zika virus within an hour of testing an individual. The cutback in detection time would allow people with Zika to be more effectively treated in the future.

The Zika virus is transmitted from an infected female mosquito when they bite a human host. The Zika virus can cause birth defects, like smaller than normal head size, or a condition in which your immune system attacks your central nervous system called Guillain-Barre syndrome. One of the scariest things associated with the Zika virus is that there currently is no vaccine around to protect you from the Zika virus.

The Entomologist and experts at the University of Florida recommend people stay inside or wear long sleeve shirts, and pants if they have to be outdoors. It is also good practice to use bug spray containing DEET to deter mosquitoes whenever possible. These recommendations are for people who are in areas where mosquitoes with Zika are commonly found, but they can be applied to all mosquitoes. If you or your business is dealing with mosquitoes, and need help from the leader in pest control in Boston call B&B Pest Control today! B & B Pest Control practices IPM procedures so we will work with you, and educate you on how you can take steps as well to limit mosquito and pest activity on your property. Call B & B Pest Control today to schedule an inspection/consultation. Our friendly general sales manager will walk you through our programs, and put a plan together that fits your family’s or businesses’ needs. Don’t become a victim of mosquitoes or any other pest today get B&B Pest Control!




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