Pest in the kitchen can become a big pesky problem for any home owner; don’t let them get the best of you this season. The National Pest Management Association compiled 5 useful tips to help you combat pests from occupying your pantry this year. The most common pest people deal with in their pantries in the U.S. are rodents, ants, meal moths, and merchant grain beetles. These tips will make sure your home or business is better protected from these pests this year.

  1. Proper Storage – Make sure in your pantry that you properly store all food items so that pest don’t have an easy source of food accessible. One way to properly store your food is in sealed plastic or glass containers, not only will this keep pest out but organize your pantry.
  2. Look at The Expiration Date – It is always important to check expiration dates on all your items, especially in your pantry or cupboard. Create a time each year that you check your pantry for expired items, and throw them out while consolidating your pantries contents.
  3. Examine Food Before Buying – Pest are often brought into the home with items that have been previously infested. This includes food or other items you may store in your pantry; so be careful when shopping or bringing anything into your home, to look for pests.
  4. Bay Leaves – Bay Leaves have been known to keep various species of pest away, because of the odor it emits. Adding a Bay Leaf to a canister or a package of dry goods when possible will help keep pests away.
  5. Be Clean and Organized – Make sure to keep your kitchen and pantry as clean and organized as possible. Cleaning up accidents or spills as soon as possible will make sure there are no left over for pests to survive on. Organization is also key because without proper organization a pest infestation might not be noticed, so always stay up with your pantries organization.


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