Mice can spread disease, filth and germs. And they are looking for somewhere warm to go right now as the snow begins to fall in New England. Hopefully, your home is not one the houses they look to take residence in. Unless your home is impenetrable fortress with absolutely no gaps, holes or space underneath doors then there is a good chance they might. Aside from actually seeing mice in your home here are 5 things to look for that might indicate you have an infestation:


  1. Chew marks on your food bags and containers (or pet food). Mice will chew non-stop to get their food source and will leave small teeth marks along the bottom of bags. Look for crumbs or seeds spill around containers. If the food is easy to run away with (such as dry cat food or dry dog food) the food will be found at their nesting site as opposed to the kitchen cabinets or counters.
  2. Nesting materials: look to see if any insulation is kicked out around the house or if you notice random items such as small stuffed toys or newspapers in a pile in the basement or behind your stove.
  3. Sounds. Mice are nocturnal creatures and usually do most of their damage from the hours of 10 PM-5 AM. If you hear consistent sounds over time in parts of the walls during these hours you could have mice.
  4. Travel patterns. Since mice are dirty creatures they will leave black dirt marks along the ledge of unfinished basements and holes behind stoves or underneath sinks (this is where they are traveling back and forth from their nests)
  5. Droppings! This is the easiest way to tell if you have mice (aside from actually seeing them). Mice can’t control their bowel movements and will leave droppings wherever they go. These small pellets are oblong and pointed at one end and often are less than 1/32″ in diameter.

Suspect you may have mice? Give B & B Pest Control a call at 781-599-4317. We would be happy to send a tech of over to your home to bait and seal your property. Let us keep you pest free during this snowy time!