You know those big bumble bees you see flying around going in out of perfectly dime-size holes in your house? Well, those are called Carpenter Bees. The good news they aren’t looking to sting you like hornets. The bad news is they are looking to destroy your home, fence and deck. But don’t worry they are easy to eradicate! Here is a little more information on Carpenter Beers:

  • Carpenter bees bore holes in wood to form a chute, off of which are chambers where the female will lay her eggs.
  • The chutes can be at least 3 feet in length, and usually take a 90 degree turn a few inches in.
  • The male bee is aggressive and dive bombs people – but don’t worry – he’s all bark and no bite. The male does not have a stinger.
  • The female does have a stinger but is more docile and usually stays inside the chamber.
  • The best recommendation is to replace your wood with composite material. Massachusetts carpenter bees are guaranteed not to bore through that.
  • If you can’t replace the wood, a dusting product should be carefully applied by a licensed operator, like B & B Pest Control, so the residual effect can impact the bees coming and going from the hole.


All bees are very susceptible to small changes to their natural environment. We do not recommend self treating, especially if there’s any debate about the type of bee you’re targeting. B & B Pest Control offers specials ranging from $150-195 for all Carpenter Bee Services.