The social season for termites may depend on the rainy season, the time of the year, or the size of the colony, depending on the species (there are over 2500 kinds of termites). This social season is visible to mankind in the form of swarms of flying termites. They are among the most visible signs of the existence of termites.

A swarm of flying termites will all be newly matured males and females, all intent on starting a new life of connubial bliss. They will flit around for a while as a swarm, but then they will pair off in couples with the intention of  starting new colonies of termites. When a queen and her king pick a place to set up a home, their wings will fall off and the two of them will create a secluded place as their first home together.

The sight of termite swarmers is not necessarily a sign that your house is about to cave in. The swarm might have come from your neighbor’s house and may have just flown into your yard for the party. Once they pair off and a couple finds a home in your property, it will be years before they can beget enough worker termites to do any damage at all at your place.

Now, if you see some wings from the swarming termites on your window sill, that might mean that the termites have lit there, shed their wings, and crawled into the wood of the window frame. You don’t have to worry for a couple of years, because it takes a while for a full colony of worker termites.

However, if termite swarms are frequent, regular events in your yard, and if there have been swarms in your neighborhood for the past 10 years or so, you ought to expect that a number of termite nests are near at hand. Termite wings are not all that strong and the termites do not fly very far. The presence of termite swarms indicates that there is one or more large colonies somewhere close by and that numerous males and females have decided to leave home and seek their fortune. Their fortune is a ready supply of wood.

Furthermore, there may have been swarms when you were not observing. Some of the termite swarms are attracted to light and that is when they are usually seen. Others do not have this attraction for light. They might swarm, pair off, and start colonies without you ever noticing.