Mice and Rats have been around since the dawn of time but that doesn’t mean they have to be living with you! With proper pest control  from hired professional and just a few adjustments to your home you can make sure that your place is rodent free! Here are a few tips for rodent proofing your home:

Rodents must have adequate food and shelter in order to live and thrive.  Removal of these 2 factors is the best way to prevent and control rodent problems.  It is important to include both the outside and inside of your home in your sanitation efforts.

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Indoor Sanitation


◊    Clean areas under stoves,

refrigerators and dishwashers.
◊    Keep counter tops clear of food.
◊    Do not leave glasses of water
out overnight.

◊    Store dry food, pet food and

birdseed in sealed containers.

◊    Clean pet bowls at night.


◊    Keep storage areas free of clutter
◊    Rodent-Proof hard-to-access areas that tend to be neglected

◊    Store supplies or materials off the floor

Outdoor Sanitation

Don’t forget about maintaining the outdoors as well. Properly maintain your yard and store firewood away from your home for effective rodent control.

◊    Properly maintain landscaping – trim any overgrown
vegetation and shrubbery until ground underneath is

◊    Remove any debris – rock piles, old equipment and such.

◊    Elevate lumber and firewood at least 18 inches.

◊    Store firewood away from the house.